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Pic PLAYERS Date and place of Birth Batting style Bowling style
1.Haris Aslam 12-Sep-96
2.Dylan Evers Budge September 11, 1995, Leeds, Yorkshire Right-hand bat Right-arm medium
 Kyle James Coetzer 3.Kyle James Coetzer April 14, 1984, Aberdeen Right-hand bat Right-arm medium-fast
 Joshua Henry Davey 4.Joshua Henry Davey August 3, 1990, Aberdeen Right-hand bat Right-arm medium-fast
 Michael Miller English 5.Michael Miller English May 2, 1995, Paisley Right-hand bat Right-arm medium
 Hamish John William Gardiner 6.Hamish John William Gardiner January 4, 1991, Brisbane, Queensland Right-hand bat
 Matthew William Machan 7.Matthew William Machan February 15, 1991, Brighton, Sussex Left-hand bat Right-arm offbreak
 Preston Luke Mommsen 8.Preston Luke Mommsen October 14, 1987, Durban, Natal Right-hand bat Right-arm offbreak
 Safyaan Mohammed Sharif 9.Safyaan Mohammed Sharif May 24, 1991, Huddersfield, Yorkshire Right-hand bat Right-arm medium-fast
 Robert Meadows Lombe Taylor 10.Robert Meadows Lombe Taylor December 21, 1989, Northampton Left-hand bat Left-arm medium
 Richard Douglas Berrington 11.Richard Douglas Berrington April 3, 1987, Pretoria, South Africa Right-hand bat Right-arm medium-fast
12.Scott James Cameron 24-Sep-96
 Matthew Henry Cross 13.Matthew Henry Cross October 15, 1992, Aberdeen Right-hand bat
 Con de Wet de Lange 14.Con de Wet de Lange February 11, 1981, Bellville, Cape Province Right-hand bat Slow left-arm orthodox
 Alasdair Campbell Evans 15.Alasdair Campbell Evans January 12, 1989, Pembury, Kent Right-hand bat Right-arm medium-fast
 Michael Alexander Leask 16.Michael Alexander Leask October 29, 1990, Aberdeen Right-hand bat Right-arm offbreak
 Calum Scott MacLeod 17.Calum Scott MacLeod November 15, 1988, Glasgow, Lanarkshire Right-hand bat Right-arm medium-fast
 Henry George Munsey 18.Henry George Munsey February 21, 1993, Oxford Left-hand bat Right-arm medium-fast
 Ruaidhri Alexander James Smith 19.Ruaidhri Alexander James Smith August 5, 1994, Glasgow, Lanarkshire Right-hand bat Right-arm medium
 Craig Donald Wallace 20.Craig Donald Wallace June 27, 1990, Dundee, Angus Right-hand bat